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The Castle of San Giusto rises on the top of the homonymous hill and from the top of the fortress dominates Trieste. Its history is closely linked to that of the city: it was on the hill that the castelliere was born, the first prehistoric settlement that gave rise to the development of the town, Tergeste. The subsequent conquest by the Romans marks another salient stage for the transformation of the hill, on top of which establish the military colony, building all the main buildings for public life all around. Many of the remains are now visible thanks to the excavations of the 30s. For the fortified fortress it was necessary to wait until 1468 when Frederick III ordered the construction of a first fortification to strategically control the city. What better place than the San Giusto hill? Thus the so-called Casa del Capitano was born, which in later centuries by different rulers was enlarged and flanked by additional buildings. In the 30's the castle was the protagonist of a radical restructuring, which brought to light the medieval structures and decorations, which we appreciate today.

The complex, much loved by the Triestines, is attended not only for the undisputed cultural heritage, but also for events, exhibitions and shows of various kinds that take place especially in summer. We also recommend it for the amazing view of the center that can be enjoyed from the terraces of the two bastions. One of the best in the city.

For info, times and costs visit the official website of the Castle of San Giusto