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Miramare Castle is undoubtedly the pride of the city. Wanted in the mid-800 by the unfortunate Maximilian of Habsburg to live with his wife Carlotta, it will instead be the scene of the latter's madness, torn apart by the untimely death of the beloved party for Mexico and never returned. Suspended between the blue of the Gulf and the green of the lush park, Miramare Castle with its romantic and melancholy history plucks the strings of the heart. Walking through the 22 hectares of the park or browsing through the original furniture of the twenty rooms that make up the castle it will almost seem as if you can see Carlotta, while she looks out on the balcony and searches the Gulf, waiting for her Massimiliano.

In 1986 the Miramare Marine Reserve was established by decree of the Ministry of the Environment, the first in Italy. It is a protected environment that boasts rich and varied flora and fauna. In the 30 hectares (equal to 1.8 km of coastline for a 200 m strip) that surround the promontory of the same name, a system of full protection applies, with the exception of a passage of about one hectare destined for guided underwater visits. Perfectly organized from a tourist point of view, the Reserve offers a wide range of proposals for both experts and newcomers from seawatching to guided diving to dry multi-sensory routes.

The park entrance is located about 7 km from the center of Trieste and can be easily reached by car or by bus 6, whose stop is a few meters from Francis B&B Superior.

For info, times and costs visit the official website of the Castle of Miramare