Francis Bed&Breakfast Superior Trieste Centro


Much loved by the Triestines who consider it the "living room" of Trieste, Piazza Grande, so called because of its size, was renamed with its current name only after 1955 when the city returned to Italy. It has a rectangular shape: one side opens onto the Gulf of Trieste while on the other three some elegant buildings stand out, home to prestigious public and private offices. On the bottom of the square, opposite the sea, stands the Town Hall characterized by a series of arches and a clock tower. Two other particularly interesting buildings that we cannot fail to mention are the Palazzo della Regione and the Palazzo della Prefettura. The latter in particular, initially the seat of the Austrian tenancy, is one of the pearls of Piazze Unità. It can not be visited except on special occasions, since it is home to the high personalities of the Italian State and of foreign States, but to captivate you, the exterior will suffice with its Murano glass mosaics that characterize the façade.

Finally, some noteworthy monuments complete the upper part of the Piazza. At the center the Fountain of the Four Continents, built in 1751-74 to celebrate the thriving commercial and port activity of Trieste of that period. In the corner to the right we find the column on top of which stands the statue of Charles VI, the emperor of Austria who granted Trieste the status of Free Port.

Piazza Unità, with its 12,280 m², is the square overlooking the largest sea in Europe and certainly one of the most fascinating (but if you ask the Triestines they will undoubtedly tell you that it is the most beautiful ... in the world!) . Precisely for this reason, many cinematographic productions have been chosen as a film set, and it is often the scene of international music events and kermises.

Piazza Unità d'Italia is less than 1 km from Francis B&B Superior and can be easily reached on foot with a walk of not even 15 minutes. But if you don't feel like walking, the number 9 bus, which stops a few meters from the Bed & Breakfast, can be a viable alternative.